Products, programs or structures scaled to your requirements.

Building is more than completed buildings. Construction is our legacy, but today, it takes many forms. At one end of the spectrum, precision craftsmanship for a single custom fixture, or a merchandising solution for hundreds of stores. At the other, flawless replacement of critical plant equipment, or the phased renovation of complex structures on a military base. All with a common approach:

  • Our teams use the best tools.  Conceptual estimating quickly brings costs into view, so clients can consider options that preserve design intent as well as budget.  Once underway, Building Information Modeling enables us to build on the screen before the site, weighing options and solidifying decisions.
  • We meet emerging market needs with R&D.  Our teams combined advanced anchoring systems and enclosures with patented layered wall materials to achieve blast, wind and flood resistance above and beyond competitive offerings.  These components and modules are providing new levels of protection for petrochemical plants and refineries, as well as schools and other vulnerable structures.
  • Vertical integration enables HWH to do more.  We take responsibility for outcomes by self-performing work when it makes sense for clients, and by more effectively managing subcontractors.  And we provide value engineering that actually increases value, instead of just reducing cost.

Building things right builds trust.

Complex federal projects on major bases, such as the B1-B/C130J hangar at Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas


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